Helping Animals in Need with Every Purchase

Helping Animals in Need with Every Purchase

When you shop with us, you're helping animals in need all across the country. Since our beginning, we've wanted to have a greater purpose, so we decided to partner with three reputable organizations throughout the country that are dedicated to helping animals in need. These organizations are the Animal Rescue League, based in Iowa, Frankie's Friends, based in Florida, and Dogs Without Borders, based in California. You can learn more about each of them below.

We donate 5% of every order to each of the above listed charitable organizations. Donations to these organizations can be done on our store as well. 100% of your donated amount will be sent to the specified organization. If a organization is not listed, your donation will be split evenly amongst all three.

Learn More About:

1. Animal Rescue League of Iowa:
2. Frankie's Friends:
3. Dogs Without Borders:

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