Our passion for dogs start at home. The owner of Pretty Paws has three Miniature Dachshunds at home. After the desire to create better products for his dogs arose, Pretty Paws Pet Supplies was born.

Our Mission

Pretty Paws strives to build deeper connections between owners and their pets. Our products are designed with you and your pets comfort in mind!

Best Selling Harness

Our best selling custom no pull harness not only makes outings more enjoyable for you and your pet, but it ensures your pets safety as well. Add your pets name and your phone number onto the harness, so that if you and your pet become separated, it is easy to be reunited!

Grooming Tools

Our grooming tools provide a comforting experience that will make your pet love you even more!  Designed to not damage your pets fur, all of our brushes are made of high quality materials. They all offer an amazing massage feeling to your pet, while keeping your home, clothes, and car fur free!

From our design process, to our warehouse, to your door, and onto your pet, Pretty Paws aims for every experience with us to be flawless!  If you experience did not meet your expectations, please reach out to our Customer Service team so that we can correct it as quickly as possible.